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If you suffer from swelling in your hands due to arthritis or other issues, you already know that it can easily take you out of the game of life. We use our hands every day, after all, to do just about everything. When swelling occurs, it can become too painful or impractical to do so. That doesn’t need to be the case, though, when you have Copper Hands.

What Are Copper Hands ?

copper hands compression technologyScience has long shown how compression clothing can help to reduce swelling and offer a bevy of other benefits. It was only natural, therefore, that eventually someone would create compression gloves people could wear to help with arthritis. While many companies have done this, it was only recently that someone thought to add copper to them, creating Copper Hands Gloves.

However, the copper in these gloves is infused at a microscopic level, meaning you don’t see it and hardly even feel it.

Aside from arthritis, these gloves are perfect for reoccurring stiffness that you may experience or pain that shows up due to old injuries. If you are suffering from a sprain or some similar type of injury, wearing these gloves can definitely help with your recovery time and pain relief during the process.

All Day Relief

Unlike other solutions you may have tried in the past, there’s no limit to how long you can use Copper Hands for. Slip them on right when you get up if you like or wear them through the night. They can also be a solution you only wear when you start feeling swelling coming on.

Whatever the case, it’s not like pills where you might start feeling pain, but can’t use them because you already reached your limit today or they don’t mix well with the glass of wine you just had.

Machine Washable

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Better still, you can simply throw Copper Compression Hands Gloves in your washing machine whenever they need to be cleaned. So wear them comfortably for days on end knowing you can easily wash them and forego any public embarrassment from them getting too dirty.



This technology advanced gloves are so easy to wear because they won’t interfere in anything you want to do. Whether it’s using your cell phone, a keyboard, gardening, swiping on a touch screen or anything else, your fingers are never actually blocked from making contact with objects. The fingerless design on these gloves provides relief, not extra problems.

Stay Cool

Another issue you might be worried about is your hands getting overheated throughout the day. That makes sense considering most of us only wear gloves to keep our hands warm. But the technology used to make Copper As Seen On Tv Hands was focused on two things: decreasing swelling and keeping your hands nice and cool. Again, you can wear them throughout the day without experiencing any discomfort.

Improve Circulation

While they’ll obviously fit you like a glove, these gloves also aren’t so tight that you’ll be worse off for it. In fact, they’re made to help improve circulation, just not to the point that swelling becomes a problem. Of course, by improving your circulation, you’ll also feel less pain in your hands too.

Cotton Construction

Just 5% of the material in Copper Hands is actually copper, though that’s more than enough to see results. The other 95% of the material is cotton. We chose cotton because it’s easy to wash and, of course, plenty comfortable to wear.

If you’ve suffered from swelling, arthritis and other issues in your hands for some time, you may have given up and decided it must be something you just have to live with. However, with a pair of Copper Hands, you’ll soon see that this doesn’t have to be a permanent affliction or something that  stands in your way.

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